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 Sesame Workshop: Elmo’s Christmas Countdown

"When Santa’s elf crashes his sleigh, it nearly causes a holiday disaster. The Christmas Counter Downer has lost its boxes, and without it, Christmas will be late. But Elmo suggests they make a wish on the Christmas star for the boxes to reappear.


 "As if by magic, each of the boxes is returned to Santa’s elf in the correct order, counting down from ten to one. And when the last box is returned, they realize a true Christmas miracle has occurred because Christmas will arrive right on time.

"Adapted from the original screenplay, Elmo’s Christmas Countdown is a new and fresh Christmas tale that also teaches counting—but in reverse. This fun Sesame Street story will please kids and adults alike."

—Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews


  Sesame Workshop: Grover’s 10 Terrific Ways

To Help Our Wonderful World

"Many adults today can be heard saying that we need to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. But if our children don’t learn from our mistakes, how much good have we really done? In this book, Grover presents his top ten list of ways to save energy, throw less stuff away, take care of our natural resources, and recycle. As he presents each idea, Sesame Street characters act this item out in ways kids can relate. The Count turns off lights. Bert turns off the water while he brushes his teeth. Big Bird brings a reusable shopping bag to the supermarket. And of course the book itself is printed on recycled paper. I highly recommend it for every child’s personal library."

—Barnes & Noble 


 Sesame Workshop: Storybook ABCs

A is for Apple, B is for Bear. But if you think this Sesame Street book is nothing more than a letter and picture association game, you may be in for a surprise! Taking its cue from nursery rhymes, this delightful little book uses the alphabet in new and amusing ways. Blending Sesame Street characters and modified rhymes, it will not only teach kids the alphabet, but also entertain them.

"Kids may not get all the jokes, but the adults reading it to them will definitely smile. I found myself chuckling over some of the hilarious scenarios and comments made by the characters in sharing their version of the alphabet.

"I highly recommend Storybook ABC's as a fun way for your little ones to learn their ABCs."

—Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews



 Sesame Workshop: What Makes You Giggle?
 “My 1 1/2-year-old loves it when I read him this story, but he wants to grab at the book and the pictures. I wish it was cardboard; hence the 4 stars instead of 5. But the story is fun for us to read together and he loves the colorful pictures. There is just enough story to give us our 15 or 20 minutes reading time before bed. There is so much in the pictures to share, that we can easily extend that reading time to 30 minutes, or more, during the day.” 

—Carol Kepela, Amazon

 Sesame Workshop: Zoe’s Day with Daddy

“It's a nice book for a boy or girl that likes to spend time with the father...nice gift too!”

—L. Cruz, Amazon


Voices: Reflections on an American Icon  


Through Words and Song    Click here for more

"Voices: Reflections on an American Icon Through Words and Song (is) a beautifully designed book of remembrances accompanied by a CD with 17 songs from the Choral Arts Society. The package makes for a history lesson that’s both highly readable and highly listenable."

Richard Harrington, The Washington Post    

"Martin would have loved the book."

—Poet Nikki Giovanni


Voices: Reflections on an American Icon Through Words and Song comprises 96 pages of remembrances as well as music inspired by the American movement for Civil Rights.The book offers reflections from foot soldiers who marched alongside Dr. King, contemporary observers, and distinguished witnesses to history, such as Julian Bond, U.S. Rep. John Lewis, and Harris Wofford, assistant to President John F. Kennedy. Also included are writers, such as the spirited poet Nikki Giovanni, Pulitzer Prize-winner Gene Patterson, and journalist John Seigenthaler, an assistant to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Nobel Peace Prize-winners Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have also added their thoughts on King, whose passion was to bring all people together in a symphony of love, said Noel Leo Erskine, an associate professor of ethics and theology at Emory University.” 

—Glen S. Howard, Amazon Review

"In addition to the music CD, this boxed set includes a book of memorable quotes that describe him and his actions. Several of his most important marches and speeches are shared by those who witnessed them and supported him in his efforts. Martin Luther King Jr.’s tragic death cut short his mission before it was completed, but his vision continued to carry others forward in working for equality. He and his dream should never be forgotten, and Voices presents a moving tribute to a truly great American." 

—Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews


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