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On 'Winging it' in PR & Marketing

Getting the word out about events, manuscripts available for publication, or new books just published by established authors must be focused and comprehensive. Press releases, sales sheets and even "tweets", for example, can be significant tools in PR and marketing campaigns. They deliver the kind of critical "who, what, when, where, and how" information that should be offered to the media—information that also tells what makes each book special.


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Shaw has had the privilege of working with many distinguished people during her career.

 Former British Prime Minister
Margaret, the Lady, Thatcher

(Photo by Jim Gleason)


Famous People Interviewed
Margaret Thatcher
Warren Berger
Jesse Jackson
Poet Laureate Mark Strand
Jane Goodall
Betty Friedan
Roger Mudd 
Gene Patterson
John Seigenthaler
Howell Raines
Nikki Giovanni
Sun Yung Moon  (founder of the “Moonies”)
Mister Rogers
Patricia Cornwell
Emily Couric (Virginia state legislator and Katie’s late sister)
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Ken Curtis (Festus on “Gunsmoke”)
Jo Dee Messina
Wynonna Judd
Naomi Judd
George Jones
Michael W. Smith
Amy Grant
Twila Paris
Jerry Butler
NPR’s Michael Feldman

Events Covered Include:
Visit by Prince Charles to College of William & Mary
President George Bush speech

Margaret Thatcher presentations at W&M

Ken Burns' debut of Thomas Jefferson series

Passage of proposed ERA through Florida legislature

                                 Neil Skene, on National Public Television         Episopcal Bishop Duncan Gray

                                                                                                                                                      (Photo by Bill Monk)




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